We are glad you want to know more about us.

Good food and nice people easily shorten the distance. We have a lot from both of them here so we will keep it more informal from now on. We are a young and energetic team, united not only by our friendship, but also by the idea of healthy eating and a sustainable future for all of us. Here is more information about our history, mission and ideas.



D’free is our story about the future. The future we want for our children and for ourselves. For Bulgaria and for the world.

These are foods created with care for the health of our families, for us, for the protection of our nature. The most important ingredient in D’free is the thought for the future – the future of people, the planet, the life.

Inspired by the inexhaustible potential that the plants can offer and passionate about the love for food, we have gathered knowledge, experience and energy to make our contribution to a balanced and responsible lifestyle. We are happy to share it with you!

Let’s say who we are – close friends with long-standing interests, education and experience related to food production. We value quality food and we always look for the healthy choices for the menu at home. Bringing all these together, an idea was born that seemed quite natural and entirely in our capacity – to create a food brand with a thought of everything valuable. What’s more – we tried to make it delicious!

If you also think that D’free can be a part of your future, we have achieved our goal and we are glad that we are looking in the same direction!

Join our journey!



D’free is here so you can have a choice

D’free is born out of pure ideas and pure ingredients

D’free brings the power of nature within

D’free comes with freedom as well as responsibility

D’free embodies an energetic spirit and new thinking

D’free personifies life and the look ahead

D’free burns with desire for change

D’free is not just food

It’s D’free!


Устойчивост D'free

Lately it gets popular to talk about sustainability and hopefully this trend will lead to something really good. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of the impact that our modern lifestyles have on the planet and are ready to participate in change in one way or another. We are also in with our core business – plant-based food production. This is actually our way of contributing to a more sustainable future.

Along with the production of eco-friendly products, we have set ourselves the goal of making tastier the daily routine of people who choose a plant-based diet. Standing up for our clean label and good taste, we are a perfect match for those who want to bring a variety to their menu and love wholesome food.

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