D’free Natural Grand Pack 200g

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D’free Natural comes to you in Grand Pack of 200 g

Double pack, from raw cashew, fermented, probiotic, well-ripened, for double joy!

D’free Natural is a fermented nut specialty with unique natural taste. It consists of an enviable number of ingredients – as many as four. These are cashew, cold pressed coconut oil, starter culture and salt and are just as much as it is needed to achieve excellent taste and structure. The nuts are always raw and activated before the start of the so desired fermentation.

As we like to say – cut it or spread it – it’s still delicious. Try D’free on a slice of tomato, in your dinner salad or in the sandwich for a loved one – we promise good results. Add it to your favorite smoothie and tasty bowls or deserts.

D’free Natural is clean label and has no ingredients of animal origin. It is lactose free and gluten free, with no enhancers, preservatives or colors.