D’free Truffle

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D’free Truffle is a fermented nut specialty with fine truffles. It consists of an enviable number of ingredients – as many as six. These are cashew, cold pressed coconut oil, starter culture, olive oil, truffles and salt and are just as much as it is needed to achieve excellent taste and structure. The nuts are always raw and activated before the start of the so desired fermentation. As you know, the truffles are for connoisseurs and so is D’free. You will convince yourself that the delicate and memorable taste of D’free with truffles will be there for you whether you are preparing a pasta, eating a cracker or wanting a really different sandwich.

All D’free products are registered by the international Vegan Society and have no ingredients of animal origin, they are lactose free and gluten free, with no additives, preservatives or colors.